Celebrate Juneteenth Events In Peoria!


An obscure holiday to many in America.

But for African Americans, the word Juneteenth sparks happiness, joy, and celebration!

The holiday began in the Galveston, Texas area and commemorates June 19, 1865. The day that Union General Gordon Granger announced that all slaves were free in Texas.

Although the Emancipation Proclamation in essence freed all slaves in America, it was only enforceable as Union soldiers defeated Confederate forces state by state. With Texas being the farthest Western Theater of combat, it wasn’t until June 19th in 1865 that the men and women in bondage there were actually set free.

Hence the word Juneteenth.

Over the years, the meaning and message of Juneteenth has made its way from Texas to all points of our Nation. With America’s reckoning and renewal of conscience around race, the celebration of Juneteenth across America has taken on even more importance.

Whether you call it Liberation Day, Freedom Day, Emancipation Day, or any one of its many beloved names, make sure you get out this year to enjoy the history, the food, and the lessons… of Juneteenth.

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