WVEL News/Travel/Health Scope Now: Spring Break 2020: “Local Travelers, Watch For Scammers And Coronavirus”

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Spring break is either happening right now for some, or is just around the corner for others.

Local residents are preparing for a very busy upcoming travel season, but there are some things you should be aware of before hitting the road.

Travel arrangements are already set in stone for most people looking to venture out for this year’s spring break.

According to KHQA-TV, Regional Director of Better Business Bureau Mara Clingingsmith suggests you work with a travel agent or use a trusted well-known website to avoid Spring Break scammers.

“This low cost deal is great, it’s beach front property, it’s all this, and then you get down there and either the property isn’t available, because it wasn’t available for that person to offer to you, or it’s less than you anticipated, such as the conditions are very poor,” Regional Director of Better Business Bureau Mara Clingingsmith said.

The coronavirus has taken a toll on travelers, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns people, especially those with underlying health issues, to avoid taking cruises, and long flights at this time.

Travel Agent Jennifer Lepper with Quincy Discount Travel said she hasn’t seen clients change travel plans due to virus scares.

Most of the selected tropical locations her clients choose to visit do not yet have any cases of the coronavirus.

“Spring break (if you’re part of the Quincy Public School system), is going on right now. Traveling and getting away on spring break, stuff is pretty booked as we speak, so if I was trying to find availability for people to get away on spring break, there probably wouldn’t be much out there for you,” Travel Agent Jennifer Lepper said.

And while the BBB has advice about avoiding scammers, you can also keep up with the CDC’s website for travel health and safety tips to avoid coronavirus.


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