Buffalo Wild Wings Will Offer Free Wings If The Big Game Goes Into Overtime

(Photo By Flickr User Mike Mozart)


“Who wants free wings, who wants free wings?”

If you like free wings, we have a deal for you!

Buffalo Wild Wings wants to give you free wings; but only if the Big Game goes into overtime.

At locations nationwide, Buffalo Wild Wings is gearing up to give away a free snack-sized order of wings to anyone who notices that the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs needed a little extra time to pick a winner.

According to the chain & WGN-TV, the odds of a game going into overtime are about 10%.

If the Big Game takes longer than four quarters, everyone in the U.S. and Canada has the opportunity to snag free wings on Monday, President’s Day, February 17th from 4pm-7pm.

Chief Marketing Officer Seth Freeman said,

“Football fans love to have fun with our established connection to overtime, tweeting at us any time a game goes to extra time. That was taken to the next level last year when free wings were on the line, so we knew we had to bring this program back. More football AND free wings? Now that’s something all football fans can get behind and root for on February 2!”

So just a reminder, in case the game goes into overtime on that day, just remember to bring your appetite when you come to BWW!

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