WVEL Education/News Scope Now: New Bus Tracking App Comes To Peoria Public Schools As Search For Drivers Continues

(Photo By Flickr User BinnX 1)


Peoria Public Schools has introduced a new bus tracking utility for parents and renewed the call for part-time bus driver applicants.

According to WEEK-TV, the district has partnered with Versatrans to give parents a way to know what bus their kids will be on and where it is.

The Versatrans My Stop app, available on smart phones (click on your platform to download: Android, iPhone), tracks the buses by GPS.

Josh Collins, PPS transportation director, said,

“This can be very beneficial if there is inclement weather or something going on. It just keeps you up to date so that you know when you need to go out there so you’re not going out there and standing for a late bus or you didn’t go out there in time because the bus was early.”

You can sign up for an account by clicking on to www.peoriapublicschools.org/site.