WVEL News/Travel Scope Now: Illinois State Police Will Be Cracking Down On Driving Violations All This Month

(Photo By Flickr User Inventorchris)


As summer is drawing to a close, Illinois State Police troopers will be conducting roadside safety checks, with a focus in Peoria and Tazewell counties during the month of August, hoping to create good driving habits as kids go back to school.

According to WEEK-TV, State Troopers will be looking for people who are not wearing seatbelts as well as drivers on their cell phones and driving drunk.

Sergeant Tony Halsey of the Illinois State Police said,

“We’re being more proactive because, you know, school is about to start. It’s kind of winding down from the summer; it’s not anything were doing any differently, we’re just stepping up the different details throughout.”

Fines were increased earlier this year in the case of accidents involving electronic devices which causes great bodily harm, from $75 to $1000 as well as one year suspension of a driver’s license.