WVEL News/Sports Scope Now: Washington Community High School Coach And Educator Kevin Brown, Has Passed Away

(Photo By Flickr User Aaron Gustafson)


Washington Community High School is grieving after long time coach and educator, Kevin Brown, died from brain cancer on Tuesday night.

According to WEEK-TV, those who knew him, said the impact he made on athletes and students stretched far beyond the basketball court.

Brown was described by Washington Community High School Superintendent Dr. Kyle Freeman as a life long educator, who loved working with kids, teaching not only athletic skills, but life lessons.

Dr. Freeman said,

“One of his greatest lessons was being able to fight through diversity which was evident in the way he handled this battle. We’re always going to feel that loss.” 

Freeman also said Brown, who was in his 15th season with the Panthers, was tough on his players and expected excellence.

Brown was a successful coach. He took multiple trips to state tournaments. A few examples include one third place finish in 2007 for baseball and a fourth place finish for basketball in 2008.

Brown’s yearlong battle against brain cancer ended Tuesday night, but Freeman said Brown used it to teach his players and students that whatever life throws at you, keep moving forward.

“Kevin would want you to remember what he believed and how he believed that people should address difficult situations. He would expect everyone continues down their path to better themselves and to better the world around them.” said Freeman

Local Coach and Educator Kevin Brown, dead at the age of 50.