WVEL News Scope Now: SNAP Benefits Could Be Redeemed At Illinois Restaurants


                                 (Photo By Flickr User U.S. Department of Agriculture)




Food stamps could soon be redeemed at restaurants if a measure proposed by the Illinois House becomes law.

Currently in Illinois, food stamp recipients can use SNAP vouchers at grocery stores, but not at restaurants. Many said this can cause problems.

The ‘Restaurant Meals Program’, would expand the options for food stamp users by allowing them to eat at certain restaurants.

According to KHQA-TV, the restaurants would be those that contract with the Department of Human Services.

Only SNAP benefit recipients who are disabled, elderly or homeless would qualify for the program.

California and Arizona have similar laws that allow food stamp recipients to use their benefits at restaurants.

It hasn’t been determined which restaurants would accept SNAP benefits in Illinois if the bill passes.

Sponsors of the bill said if the bill is signed into law, it would go into effect January 1st of 2020.