WVEL News/Consumer Scope Now: Consumers Beware Of Buying Online Counterfeit Goods

(Photo By Flickr User Sacramento BBB)


The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers on buying counterfeit goods online.

Better Business Bureau officials said their new report found sales of counterfeits have exploded in recent years, with billions of dollars lost in pharmaceuticals, toys and games, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and more.

According to WGEM-TV, the study said one in four people who shop online have received counterfeit goods or nothing at all. They’re encouraging those who were impacted to speak up to try and prevent it from happening again.

“It’s about a $250 billion loss to the United States, to our economy, though people are shopping people are spending money, on average it’s about $350 when they get counterfeit goods, and the scammers are walking away with all that money,” said Quincy, IL Regional BBB Director Mara Clingingsmith.

BBB officials said it’s important to read the web pages you buy things from closely to make sure they’re an authorized retailer, and if you are a victim, to report it to the better business bureau, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), or internet crime division and ask for a refund from your credit card so the perpetrators can be held accountable.