WVEL Health Scope Now: Infant Immunization

(Photo By Flickr User David Stillman)


Your child is exposed to thousands of germs every day.

Spreading out or skipping shots increases the chance your child will get a disease that vaccines prevent.

“All immunizations have been proven safe, effective and prevent deadly illnesses,” Dr. Douglas Carlson at Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) St. John’s of Springfield, IL said.

Doctors say babies are born with immune systems that can fight most germs, but there are some deadly diseases they can’t handle.

That’s why they need vaccines to strengthen their immune system.

“We suggest to give them at the earliest possible moment that science shows us that they are effective individuals,” Dr. Carlson said.

Something that can be 100% preventable.

“Anytime where a parents decides not to get hat vaccine and gets that illness is tragic and it’s really tragic when someone can’t protect themselves was injured because a parent decided to not immunize their own child and made that person sick,” Dr. Carlson said.

If you believe your child isn’t up to date on their vaccines call your doctor or click here for more:


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