WVEL News Scope Now: East Peoria Police Department Warns Area Residents Of Circulating Counterfeit Money

(Photo By Flickr User Valsts policija)


The East Peoria Police Department is warning the public of counterfeit bills circulating through the area.

According to WEEK-TV, the bills are found in $50 and $100 denominations. The counterfeiters are “washing” $5 and $10 bills and reprinting them. The bills will pass the pen test because they are printed on U.S. currency.

To tell if the bills are counterfeit, check the embedded security code that runs from the top edge to the bottom edge of the bill by holding it up to the light. The bill will say “USA 5” or “USA TEN” if it is a five or ten dollar bill.

You can also check the watermark near the right edge of the bill’s face.

Just a reminder, if you happen to come upon or across a counterfeit bill, make sure to call your local police department.