WVEL Consumer/Sports Watch: Cubs/Blackhawks Counterfeit Tickets

(Photo By Flickr User Thomas Hawk)


The Better Business Bureau has a warning for sports fans who suspect the prices for tickets to the Chicago Cubs home opener at Wrigley Field or to see the Chicago Blackhawks in the playoffs are too good to be true, They might be right!

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the bureau says counterfeiters are often eager to take advantage of fans’ excitement for events like Monday’s Cubs home opener or to see the Blackhawks try to win another Stanley Cup.

The bureau also says counterfeiters don’t confine themselves to producing fake tickets that look like the real thing. They also sell illegal merchandize made with inferior materials.

The bureau says fans should only buy tickets and merchandise from reputable ticket brokers or retailers.

(Information courtesy of Associated Press & wgem.com)

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