WVEL Community/Family Scope Now: Flood Museum + Noah’s Ark

(Photo By Flickr User Amy Ross)


Founders of the the Flood Museum said it tells the story of how the biblical figure Noah and his family survived a great flood the wiped out all life on Earth.

One of the museum’s co-founders says they’ve always had their eye on this particular building for the museum’s location.

“We started construction in the late spring of this year and we finished before the first of July and that’s the Genesis of the museum,” museum co-founder Mark Stringer said.

The museum’s winter-time hours are 12noon to 4pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

The Flood Museum is located at 1310 Knight Street in Nauvoo, IL.

Get more details & information by going to their website at www.thefloodmuseum.com

(Information Courtesy Of WGEM-TV)