WVEL News/Consumer Scope Now: Illinois Gas Tax

(Photo By Flickr User Josh Hallett)


If you’re traveling over the holiday week, you may notice gas prices are on the rise.

The gas tax in Illinois doubles to 38 cents a gallon earlier this week.

Governor Pritzker said the extra revenue will be used to pay for infrastructure, something he said has needed repair for decades.

But some Illinois residents said the increase in taxes will be a major hit to their wallet.

“We have two vehicles, one truck and it’s got a larger gas tank and so that’s a lot we’ve got to deal with, and we live on one side of the city and work on the other side and it’s gonna, we spend a lot on gas already.” Quincy, IL resident, Charles Paquet said.

According to WGEM-TV, the bill also included an increase to the vehicle registration price as well.

The Illinois Association of Convenience Stores said Illinoisans already pay more than $4 billion in gas taxes.