WVEL State Fair/Safety Extra: Illinois State Fair Safety Tips

(Photo By Flickr User Katherine Johnson)


According to the staff of the ISF & WEEK-TV, the want to to take time out, share some time with your family, have some fun, and be safe while you visit the Illinois State Fair.

Illinois State Police encourages visitors to enjoy the Illinois State Fair and keep in mind some safety tips.

Interim Commander, Lieutenant J.W. Price encourages visitors to come out to the fair but remember to stay safe. some of the Illinois State Fair Tips are as follows:

*Stay hydrated; Dehydration is one of the leading causes for medical calls at the fair.

*Lock your vehicle. Keep valuables out of site.

*Have a plan; If visiting with a group make plans to meet at specific times and places. While with small children visit the ISP safety Education Tent. Wrist Bands are provided with contact information for people to call if parents and child get separated.

*Keep valuables close. Have a way to secure cell phones and wallets while on the fair grounds.

Commander Price says; “By following some of these simple safety tips, we believe everyone will have a safe and enjoyable state fair experience.”

For directions, ticket prices, events, grandstand shows, horse racing, and family fun, log online to www2.illinois.gov/statefair, for more information and details.